Driving with my Brights On

Everything clicked today. Well, not everything, of course, but in 50degree weather, I braved out into the world and contemplated some of my demons.

At one point, I felt the endorphins in my body release and that old feeling of contentment enveloped me.

I had errands to run: I needed to pick up some blank canvases(on sale at Michaels); I also wanted to peruse the aisles of Barnes and Noble with a quad Venti Carmel Macchiato warming my fingertips; and lastly, hoping to coerce my best girlfriend to join me for dinner.




I can’t exactly put my finger on the moment I conceived my elation, but I took the dirt roads home and finally forgot about my mortality.

There is no longer any point

Holding on

To that instability.

It was always his burden

Regardless of my ability

To endure.

Not anymore.

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