Gold Nail Polish

nails gold

I started peeling away the black nail polish at 1:30 this morning, with the voracity of a prepubescent boy entertaining his first hard on. It was as involuntary as my sobbing over the past eight months. For the past 30 days, I piled layer upon layer of the thick, black goop on my nails; It was protective and profound and persistent.

But I think the meds are working.

I think my thoughts are gaining positive momentum.

I think my heart is healing.

Trump is still president but I see potential, in myself, so I paint my nails gold today and throw away the congealed bottle of black nail polish.

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    1. Buspar and Xanax are my current repertoire of meds; also my 3rd attempt at finding what suits me. It’s strange how additional disorders like to pop up, seemingly out of nowhere. I started having a few ED symptoms over the past few months, but I think it’s related to the depression and anxiety, so I’m hoping to get control of the ladder, before the ED can get a solid grasp.

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