Mixed with

Irrational dreams:


And as shackling,

As sleep paralysis.


The anxiety

The depression

The self-induced


Required a new friend.

So today,

I will NOT

Be suitable

For human interaction.

I will close

My office door.

I will scowl

At intruders.

I will double

My coffee intake.

I will not return

Calls or texts.

I will bite my

Xanax in half.

I will swallow

Both pieces.

I will cry again

And again

And again.


I am broken.



7 thoughts on “Insomnia

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            1. Oh yes! But only during my withdrawal. That was the worst! I’m still meaning to go get an MRI, just for reassurance. Damn tension headaches continue to make my anxious mind dread the unlikeliest of possibilities. But better safe than sorry.

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