My Second Date with Sleep Paralysis

Was worse than my first.

No longer just an inability to move–

It brought a stranger to the mix.

A dream-mere state of angst.

A hooded man in my room.

I reached for his help


Sleep Paralysis.

14 thoughts on “My Second Date with Sleep Paralysis

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        1. My first time was when I withdrew from my anxiety medication. But it was just the immobility aspect. The nightmare from this morning made it exponentially more frightening. I couldn’t image what it would have been like to experience it as a kid. 😞

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  1. Look I wish you every bit of luck with your future episodes. I know this will sound silly but when I had an episode as a man I can say that there is no shame in being scared but the moment I stopped caring and showed no fear, the thing buggered off. No fear but it is easily said than done. Good luck!

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    1. Thank you so much for the reassurance. I’m a pretty tough girl and have continued to gain traction on these episodes as well as the general anxiety/panic disorders and do see myself growing stronger through the experiences.


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