493 Miles of Driving Anxiety

So, I’m not going to lie–yesterday I took twice my prescribed dose of Xanax.

But I also voyaged on my first solo road trip….


At 32 years old!

I drove 9 hours West of home and with the grace of God, I made it to my destination in one piece.

Today, I am looking over a gorgeous balcony, staring down at the Paramount, in Denver, Colorado.

Monday morning I will head back and see if I can make it on my prescribed dose.

I vow to live, again.

More to come on this journey… ❤️

11 thoughts on “493 Miles of Driving Anxiety

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        1. I was definitely having some anxiety breeds anxiety issues leading up to the trip. Insomnia, sleep paralysis nightmares… the whole shebang. But with every hour that passed on the road, my happy factor and pride kept me smiling. No longer just taking baby steps.

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