My Other Blog

The depressed and anxious mind gets weary.

  • I am not only my anxiety.
  • I am not only my depression.
  • I am not only my early-onset OCD.
  • I am not only my ED–if it’s there.

I was once “dirka squirrel”. Please don’t take offense, I used to be a belligerent stoner without rules or regulations. I saw Team America, once, and my friends began the nickname in full force.

I wonder if you sense the change in my voice.

I have changed since I began this blog.

I am finding myself again, regardless of the debilitating illness which invaded my daily life.

I am searching for my faith in full force. I know it is on those country roads with Thoreau and Kerouac.

I am understanding my worth, my aspirations and my future.

I am also, who I used to be, because it has made me who I am today. The stories… oh, the stories of that past life will make you cringe, possibly. So I warn you, Facetious Dee, is PinkStarburstAnxiety in her youth.

She is a Star Wars loving, NPR listening, outspoken anomaly with a heart of gold. But her heart is also cold and fairly jaded.

Like PSA, Facetious Dee is the real deal; unwavering in her demeanor or honesty.

Follow if you must: I don’t want to hide anything from you.

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