Scaling Mountains of Depression with Anxiety

Depression who?

I mean, look at that landscape! Below the skyline, you can see the lights of Colorado Springs, right before sunset. It was a frigid 19 degrees with the wind in my face, thousands of feet above sea level.

But it wasn’t only the wind which took my breath away.


I vow to live… again.

It is impossible for a shadow to darken everything–

Unless you let it,

And I vow to live, again.

The unpaved roads, which defaced all sides, wound around in whips and whirls, like my thoughts during a panic attack. But my mind was calm and open to all that life had to offer.

Sheer bliss.


True happiness.

The road not traveled no longer matters.

I will turn back and explore both roads.

I have a lifetime to conquer it all.

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