Throwing Zoloft in the Mix

Current medication regimen:

  • 15mg Buspar, 3 times a day.
  • 50 mg Zoloft, in the morning.
  • .5mg Xanax, 1-2 times daily, as needed.

This time last year, I was on 10mg of Paxil, once a day, after weaning myself down from 40mg. Then, yada yada, withdrawal… depression… panic attacks increased… sleep paralysis.

So, tomorrow, I will add that next step in my regimen. I will drink two cups of coffee, as I get ready for the day. I will take 15mg of Buspar, 50mg of Zoloft and a Xanax with the final gulp of coffee, before I head to my 3rd Talk Therapy appointment.

Why does that already feel like such a full day ahead of me? Work, will undeniably follow–life will continue to bombard me with anxiety, although the depression seems to fade more and more every day.

That’s something.

I also let my exercise routine go out the window over the past week and a half: My trip to Colorado and the bachelorette decorations, were the first 5 days of excuses, then I used my Master’s Degree to help a friend revise and edit his statements for law school, but tonight I got back on that wagon and feel like a million bucks!

It really helps keep the depression at bay.

So, here’s to tomorrow’s vulnerabilities and possible scaling of mountains.

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