24 Hours Without Xanax.

Fifteen minutes prior to leaving for my Talk Therapy appointment, yesterday, I felt an attack coming on–so i took half of a Xanax. On my drive to her office, my heart beat increased and I took the other half.

Typically, I would have taken another half around 9pm, to curb the tensions my mind had created.

Fight or Flight.

Breathe In,

Breathe Out.

Yesterday, my first day on Zoloft, was full of exhausted yawns and overwhelming energy. I took my morning dose with my usual Buspar, but forgot I was only supposed to take half the pill, as it was my first day. I’m waiting to hear back from a nurse, to see if I should take the half-dosage today.


No Xanax for 24 hours!

I got 7 hours of restful sleep and am so hyped to meet with my advisor this afternoon. To think, after all the crumminess of the past seven years, I might be able to devote my life to helping others, by pursuing my MPA.

My inability to effect change, while millions of Americans are in need of consistent government alliance, has weighed in my heart since Trump was elected president.

Today is another day in the present. I’m not anxious about the future, only excited about the possibilities.

Breathe In, through your nose, 1..2..3..4..

Breathe out, through your mouth, as if blowing through a straw, 1..2..3..4..5..

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