Lofty Thoughts With Loftän


For the past two days, I have engrossed myself in the songs of these beautiful ladies.  Loftän is an upcoming German/American band who has stolen my heart and my brainwaves. When I connect with music, it somehow becomes ingrained in my soul.

Undercover girl opens with a line which automatically hit my feelers:

She took a pill today and didn’t want to say what kind

it’s how her story goes

the one that no one knows or pays her any mind

So I medicate.

So I articulate.

My emotions

With complete

Regard for my


if you catch her in the night

she doesn’t know she’s done until she spins the hands of time

she’ll put it all on black and hedge her bets on sabered wine

the higher cost the taste she’d trade it in for peace of mind

So I leave you to further explore this amazing band. Feel free to think of me when you do.


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