“Wish You Were Here”

But after 30 days of planning

I’m not.

I’m sitting alone,

listening to Atlas.

You’re there

Seeing our concert alone.

🎼How do we make this heartbeat on and on?🎼

I’m here

Continually thinking “what if?”

What If–

I were there?

Would we smile?

Would we hug?

Would we plunge

Into the depths of life together?

Would it be our second

Day one?

Or our last affair?

🎼Everybody says that nothing ever lasts forever

So I’m hanging on tight trying to keep it all tied together🎼

It was impossible

To love–No!





Four months ago


Eight years ago.

🎼Hold me like a photograph

Fragile like a piece of glass🎼

You send text after text

and live video.

As the holes in my heart

Remain transparent.

And condescending.

🎼The future’s headed for the past

Full of sparks that couldn’t last

In my defense

I’m jaded

Forever and a day–

For now.

How do we make this heartbeat on and on?🎼

Lyric Credit: The Score “On and On”

Photo Credit: BCM

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