It’s My Father’s Birthday

He would have been 61

He has been gone for

14 years

4 months

And 11 days.

I was 17

The last time I wished him

Happy Birthday

In person.

Today I’ll pick up

A can of his chew.

I’ll take a dip of

Skoal Wintergreen

Long cut

I’ll let the shards


Into my lip.

I’ll sit

On the wet ground

I’ll bury

The rest of the can.

Will I cry?

My recent lack

Of feelings–


8 thoughts on “It’s My Father’s Birthday

Add yours

    1. He was/is definitely the most important man to ever come into my life. I wonder, at 32 years old, what he thinks of me. It’s been a profound relationship, even after his passing. Thank you for reading. ❤️

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