Nothing Normal About Being Numb

I’m still not collecting

Or connecting

Emotions or attachments

This week.


I told my best friend

“I would die so you

Could live,” last week.

She has a son.


I only have a few

Degrees and some


With my name in script.


I’ve killed

5 months of progress

In less than a month.

Regressing to Lifelessness


A weighted fog

Surrounding me

Confounding me

Hounding me.


I giggle

On the weekends, though:

Friday, Saturday, sometimes

Sunday nights.


I feel annoyances

But they are all so atomic–

In juxtaposition with my

Lacking libido–laconic indifference.


I am numb, still.

Unfortunately, it’s no big deal.

Still waking up in an unmade

Bed, unable to get myself still, still.

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