I Ran Out of Xanax… And Insurance.

My insurance is no longer active and I called to refill my prescription on Thursday. My pill-pusher won’t see me without an appointment–I cannot afford therapy without insurance.

Isn’t life grand?

When in a drought, you might die of thirst.

Without Xanax I’m fine, I guess. After 5 years of panxiety attacks, I’ve learned that at least I’m not dying when a major one comes on. Although, anxiety breeds anxiety and the attacks sometimes disable this cognitive fact. It must be this vise pressurizing my brain, leaving me nonverbally insane.

🎼Insane in the membrane

🎼Insane in the brain

I only have a week of my Zoloft left. Hopefully he’ll still refill that script… I’m not sure I can deal with another SSRI withdrawal.

I’m only taking 1/2 of the buspar he’s prescribed. So there’s at least 4 weeks left in that cache.

Tonight I am taking in Vitamin D from the sun and anxiety relief from the vodka… On a weeknight.

Ugh, not this again.

10 thoughts on “I Ran Out of Xanax… And Insurance.

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  1. First, we are all insane in the membrane, second I went through the same thing in Tucson (450mg Effexor withdrawal). I was a fucking train wreck, but survived. You will too. Vitamins V and D were sometimes my go to. Hang tough.

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