My Tattoos: Part 1; Keep Your Head Above the Stars

I fell in love with my tattoos again, in this new life I’ve subscribed to. And now it’s summer so I get to wear cute off the shoulder shirts that show them off.

The nautical stars on each of my shoulders are what remains of my earliest years after high school, my first three years away from my family home, and my only years of hard drug abuse with my first boyfriend. They remind me of the times I went to Warped Tour and jumped around until I couldn’t feel my feet, listening to 3OH!3, Paramour, All That Remains, Story of the Year, Dillinger Escape Plan, Rise Against, and Gym Class Heroes.

Definitely a simpler, less claustrophobic time in my life; that was two lifetimes ago, to my count; I was a lovable, inexhaustible punk–back then.

When I was 14 I started journaling, reading and staring up at the stars. I wrote poetry and dreamt of my future.

I always told myself I’d keep my head above the stars.

No matter what.

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        1. It’s been a rough go if things the past month. So much uncertainty in my life that I can’t seem to find my words, so I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve missed reading the blogs I follow as well! Hoping to get back on track soon.

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