Why I’ve Been Quiet

I’m fully disappointed in myself.

Because I don’t feel or care.

Everything is lackluster and.

My life seems so bare.

I went to the bar by myself.

Like I do Thursday through.

Saturday–Sometimes Sunday.

I drink through foggy hues.

We sip whiskey, my friends and myself.

I chain smoke and waste my body.

My mind continues its hypotheses.

I am clearly avoiding somebody.

I am not right so I don’t write.

I cannot share my accepted misery

Everything is fine.

But it’s not fine.

It’s undeniably, and



My days.

I miss

The care

I used

To care.

5 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Quiet

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  1. These moments are the peaks of the lows… saying that it doesn’t last is not really reconforting,because we are there now, but our creating or growing strength, too…

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