No Longer “Refusing To Date”: Part 1; #TeamMatt

And it has been over 2 months since my last rambles, but I think I’m ready to talk again.

Time is just a number we juxtapose with others.

My pill pusher upped my Zoloft to 100mg; Buspar down to 15mg; my Xanax intake is down 30% since I last wrote.

That familiar old numb feeling.

I was grabbed from behind by an acquaintance a few weeks ago. He was drunk, as was I… but he, as we have heard from the mouth of our president, felt it was ok to grab me by the pu**y.

I stopped in my tracks, turned and looked at him, unaffected, and said, “You are NOT allowed to do that.”

It’s Trumps America


A week ago I signed up for my first dating platform, Bumble Date.

Wish me luck… I guess?




P.S. Going to start writing everyday, once again. I miss you all so very much. Just pondering how to get my head on straight.

4 thoughts on “No Longer “Refusing To Date”: Part 1; #TeamMatt

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  1. Any man would lucky to befriend you. A brave and wonderful woman. I hated dating. (No-more dating, Marry 26 years) I would do things I enjoy and I hope I found someone with same interest. Scary world. Few show real face. I enjoyed your words and thoughts.

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