Year One. Here We Are.

Or I guess I should say, “here I am.”

I wrote Black Nail Polish on January 10th, 2018. It was my very first blog post and it felt so unbelievable to be honest and uncensored.

Tomorrow, being a year later(today for some of you), I feel a bit of nostalgia… but not much, as the meds don’t allow for that.

So, seeing as how this is a mental health/awareness blog, in more senses than not, I feel like I should assess my wellness factor…

And to be honest, it’s not great, if I take the time to think about it. But the meds don’t typically allow for that.

I would say I’ve plateaued.

I’m generally exhausted by life.

I am currently… just,




But NOT every night again.

Smoking still;

Though less.

I should probably

Still be

Refusing to Date.

But I’m on these dating sites.



Not necessarily


Just there

To meet

For a drink.

A trial run.

With my habits..


My cycle–

The same cycle.

I’m sure…

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