A Depressed Perspective

When you’re depressed,

You’re missing out.

Life doesn’t stop.

Death doesn’t stop.

Cancer doesn’t stop.

Yet, your demeanor

Dwindles to a speck

Of what used to be–

Your smile.

Your guile.

Your wit.

Your grip–

Of what matters

Outside of yourself–


There is no spark,

Unless accompanied

By booze,

Or pills,

Or pot.

Your meds are supposed to


But life continues

To depress–

Compress your will

Into nothingness.

You lose weight

From crying.

You feel, you’d rather

Be dying–

Instead of her–

The one

Who was there from

The start.

Who gave you

Your heart.

Who you hope knows,

Is the biggest part

Of your sweetness,

Your compassion

Your strength.

Your life.

You’ve burdened


It seems.

Even your pets

Feel the disease.

They coddle,

Like a mother

When the first

Tears fall

With the final

Curtain call.

When there are no

Smiles installed–



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