Last night, I sat in my garage after midnight and noticed a large spider to my left. Generally, I would leave it be–but it was gigantic and heading towards the pups.

I smashed it with the heel of mom’s boot that was nearby and hundreds of tiny clones darted in every direction. The fiasco ended with a lingering smell of the clear coat I frantically sprayed in all directions.

I killed their mother, and attempted spider genocide in a matter of seconds.

I haven’t slept well in months. I go to work late often–not that it matters. I forget to eat, remember to drink and am currently coming down from the various narcotics I’ve put in my body since my mother got sick.

She’s gone.

Left her clone.

Completely alone.

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  1. I lost my own father 9 years so I know something of the grief you are presently going through. I fell apart as well. It’s a cliche, I know, but it WILL get better. I speak from personal experience, from someone who was at the bottom of a very deep pit but managed to clamber out.

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    1. Always appreciate your positive attitude. It all happened so quickly, within a few months. It was quite a different experience when my father passed away. I have some friends throwing dirt in my pit, I’m sure we’ll get it filled enough, eventually, for me to “clamber” out as well. ❤️

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