Next step: Horse Tranquilizers?!?!

It is just about time to go visit my pill pusher again. I’m not looking forward to this visit–we spoke about ketamine injections last time, on his suggestion and it has me a tiny bit anxious.

Ketamine injections are now approved for treating depression with suicidal thoughts, as well as collaborative depression/anxiety disorders.

I don’t have suicidal thoughts

But I think about suicide.

I don’t wanna feel like this anymore

But let’s give the Zoloft some time.

I go back on the 5th, and not only do I have to explain the rapid refill of my Xanax–but also the days I missed my meds altogether….

While I watched my mother die in hospice.

It’s also a fucking video appointment! Wtf is that? As if I weren’t already insecure enough in person–I don’t even FaceTime!

🎼Your dad’s best friend, your dad’s best friend. We’re doing ketamine up in the Netherlands. He never had.”🎼

Re-blog in following link for more information on this treatment.

Ketamine For Depression

Ketamine For Depression
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One thought on “Next step: Horse Tranquilizers?!?!

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  1. “I don’t have suicidal thoughts- but I think about suicide.”

    If you think about what it would be like, if you consider it, etc, then you have suicidal thoughts hun.


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