When Music Hits

🎼Go ahead and watch my heart burn
With the fire that you started in me
But I’ll never let you back to put it out🎼

“He wasn’t going to come back,” I thought to myself. He was going to be the love I lost for no reason–and he hurt ME! He destroyed the Love I wanted to give him.

And at this recognition, reconciliation and in the midst of disrepair at the loss of my mother–I gave him up completely. He moved on and found a new victim.

Within days of this realization, he text me–as I had removed him from all social media, out of respect for myself:

“You gave me the moon.”

I responded, “You needed the sun.”

🎼Your love feels so fake
And my demands aren’t high to make.🎼

Lyrics from Watch By Billie Eilish

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