Well, Fuck… Guess We’re not in Colorado Anymore

I was a dependent this weekend in Colorado. After a mentally draining Halloween, followed by one of my a run-of-the-mill bouts of situational depression, my amazing Bestie and her Fiancé asked me away on a little Denver vacation.

All I needed was cash for the 3 packs of cancer sticks, I would inevitably smoke on the 3-day trip. As before–I knew I needed to purge through the fog to find a new… purpose.

I rounded out my edges near the mountains.

So, thanks you, chosen family.

I needed this. I need you. I love you!

We’re a little over an hour from the glass of wine we will pour, upon arriving at her new, lakefront rental(Pictured above).

I love my boughie bitch, her beautiful kiddos.

“Good things come to those who wait.”

Well, maybe Karma has decided I get to cash in my points?

In an hour I will be home. I’ll start a load of laundry and hop in the shower. The dryer will take at least an hour and I will use this time to clean the neglected kitchen I ran out on, 72 hours ago.

The pups will be given full reign of the garage and their couch, while I’m speed-cleaning my personal envious. Tomorrow, the previously mentioned bestie, her sister and mother will make a final rummage through my deceased mother’s belongings…freeing up garage space to winterize my puppers’ living quarters. It’s their first full-size couch accommodations!

I’m excited for them, us.

I hope my interview/new job goes well tomorrow–it’s the perfect fit for my current repertoire and demeanor.

I’m excited that we can stay in our current home, if I get this job. We still have reminders of mom–good and bad.



Good weekend..

Colorado is amazing.

I’m irrationally happy right now…

But you know what I say about irrational happiness.

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