Reading Into Your Head

Well, my head. I’ve been reading the posts I’ve made over the past 2 years, and I’m astonished at how hope… used to be so dominant, now seems so distant.

What is there to even hope for?

A refill on my Xanax?

I should buy groceries.

I should play with my dogs.

I should stop drinking.

I shouldn’t need to take Xanax.

I should stay out of my head.

3 thoughts on “Reading Into Your Head

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  1. I think reading past posts is always kind of strange. Like, (at least for me) I can completely recall where I was – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sometimes, I’m like, “damn,what was my deal?” And others I’m like, “I’m pretty sure I was just trying to rhyme interesting words together.”
    Sorry to hear that your own timeline feels like a downward slope of sorts, and hopefully you find something to feel hopeful about again. Granted, I’m hardly one to talk…I’m not exactly the poster child for hope or optimism, but still…

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    1. Memory is a tricky mistress. If it weren’t for Facebook memories, I probably wouldn’t recollect half the heartache I’ve experienced. I get on alliteration rants, so I completely agree about the lackadaisical nature in some of my writing.


      1. I wouldn’t so clearly recall things if I just left my posts alone so I wouldn’t end up re-reading them. Then, a lot of it could fade out a bit and I’d get to be like, “did I like…huh…I feel like maybe I wrote something about something like that…it’s all about hazy…”
        And alliteration and rhyming are both a bit fickle. Options narrow, the pool of words shrinks rapidly. But I think that’s what makes them fun.

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