You’re The Worst

So why do these gasps

Bring tears and convulsions?


You’ve cut the air from

My chest, my continued

State of unrest–Utter


3 thoughts on “You’re The Worst

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  1. Kinda feeling same way then I started writing a secret letter. I did that before too it’s like an on going thing where I create a random word file write date and write everything I want to say to someone but I cant and its eating me. I continue it. I dont send it to anyone but I realized the gap between every entry stated increasing untill I felt liberated.

    Sometimes we need to let everything out in a blank space or it stays with us.

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      1. Exactly! And something can’t be addressed becuase if people were that understanding we wouldn’t be writing here in the first place. I did it today and it was only thing that helped.

        And when it’s done in private you write it all. All there is bubbling inside you.

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