PSA: An Uncomfortable Trajectory

From the start, Pink Starburst Anxiety was a vehicle for my unconquered demons: a space where my mental health was taken seriously, because no one in my life truly seemed to understand how debilitating my anxiety and depression had become.

It seemed to transition over the past year to a blog I’m not quite happy with; a place to spew out unwarranted, passive, fragmented emotions about individuals who treat me like a yellow starburst.

Public Service Announcement

I stopped taking my own advice and started loving erratically, with no regard to the way I told myself I should be treated.

Another year wasted.

But, boot straps… yada-yada…

Time to focus on me again… Another trip through mental health awareness, maybe throw a bit of meditation and yoga in this time.

It’s unfortunate that it took a quarantined pandemic to get me back on the right trajectory, but I intend to make the best of it, in hopes to help again…

Myself and others.

Love you all! Stay healthy, my friends.

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