Coming or Going

Experience is rewarding;

Bodies collide and disperse along breaking tides of blood, sweat and tears.

Experience is growth;

Bodies buried deep beneath the Earth and within the heart’s callous surface.

Experience is differential:

You will never understand or underestimate the opinion, reasoning or conundrum which has mother-fucking-formed my view— or lack thereof.

Experience is understanding:

Whitepicket fences fade; Love is active: Love IS passive; Life has no exchange rate on karma.

So, Experience…

Is: Are you




5 thoughts on “Coming or Going

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  1. From my experience (and based not solely just on my experience but those around me), if your question is geared towards the male population, and in nature, men (who are in fact animals because humans are also animals and although I don’t necessarily agree with the evolution theory, that is what is being taught and is common knowledge that we “come from apes”. Or maybe you believe we actually came from the rib of the man, which is what the Bible teaches, but whatever your beliefs know this, men were designed to spread their seed, and that’s what they do. In the human population and an animal kingdom. So the answer is simply going. Cuming and going if we’re really honest. Do you know why the divorce rate is so high in America? Cheating. They always cuming and going. And to a great majority of the male population, we are just fleshbags for their lust. I spent the better part of four years studying psychology in college, which I deeply regret. I learned a lot about myself though and the behavior of others, which I have no problem pointing out my flaws or theirs. Sometimes a narcissist is a narcissist and a cigar is a cigar, and unfortunately narcissism is abundant in this world. There’s no undoing the things I’ve seen or the things I’ve learned and sometimes I do wish I could erase it all. Experience isn’t necessarily needed for growth, a narcissist cannot change who he is. You will break apart doing so. They feed off the empath. I may be the black sheep of the blogging community because I tell things like it is but bah bah bah, lies I never tell. You’ll never meet a kindervsoul than me, and I may come off hard, but it’s a defense mechanism from all the bullshit I have to experience on the daily. No experience isn’t always best. Retreat. Too many demons dressed as perfect little sheep. *BUBBLE POP*

    For me tho, I’m always spiraling, normally downward into a big, black hole.

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    1. I appreciate the comment and perspective. Man is a wild beast; experience, will in time change (cause growth in) the perception of even the most callous narcissist, especially when they discover how lonely they are. I’ve seen it, and ultimately walked away—because you’re right: demons in sheep’s clothing. Luckily, I’m not stunted for growth. Just acknowledging the unrest.

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      1. I feel you girl. I feel like the only way we can protect other girls is by letting other people know this bullshit. And I know this happens to the male population as well but females are more targeted. I also know I’ve made mistakes but I’ve learned from those mistakes. I can’t change the fact that people are still holding on to versions of me that no longer exist. I find the older I get, the more I want to be alone. Because I’ve spent my entire life trying to be the perfect girlfriend when there’s not one fucking soul out there worth me (yet). And not trying to sound vain, because I’m not. But every relationship I’ve gotten in has been abusive in one form or another and I’m not to blame for it. I’ve also spent a lifetime medicating to try to heal and big pharma also was not the answer. I know everyone heals differently and I’m not trying to say that all guys are bad but for the most part the majority of them have been to most of the female population (hence the metoo movement). I could go out into the street today and ask a hundred male strangers have they ever been raped and the answer will likely be no but I could talk to probably a hundred females and the majority of them will probably say yes and more than once or been in situations where they had to perform sexual acts to not be raped. Sorry for the long reply. Wasn’t even expecting a response but thank you for acknowledging me. I hope you find some healthy coping mechanisms, it seems like you are and have. Everyday I’m having to learn something new just to survive. There’s not enough of love going around in the world and on many days I have a hard time just giving it. I feel spent. Sending light. X

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        1. Coping mechanisms are definitely my forte… sadly, more unhealthy than not: alcoholism, pills(prescribed and not), and more sad then all: sex with people who never deserved my heart. Now, my heart and perceptions are calloused, maybe to a point I’ve never fruitfully assessed, but callouses are necessary in this world for me, boyscout and all. It’s been an enlightening Experience—but, I’ve experienced. And take claim of this life I’ve been dealt. I have to love to hate it… And you know what? Every asshole has given me perspective on myself and what shit i shouldn’t take. I know myself better and take satisfaction in the experience. Sending love your way, looking forward to checking out your content. 😘

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          1. I spent decades having sex with men who didn’t deserve me. Most of them were shitty lovers. It was during a time I didn’t love myself which lasted eons. I’m never getting married. And I’m not interested in even dating because I don’t want the drama, Gas-lighting, triangulation, love-bombing, lying, cheating, and they all do- most living multiple lives. Not an honest hand. Jaded. Calloused. Pissed. Some of the brightest minds out there are serial killers working atls doctors and preachers during the day, going home with their families and then sneaking off to prey on women as serial killers in the middle of the night. This is abundant. Also narcissism is so abundant, people need to be start being held accountable for their actions. It’s lifetime of therapy. It literally costs us everything that we are, mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. I’m over everything. Love doesn’t exist. Save yourself. Love yourself more. Because even the ones in “happy marriages” are cheating. Free your mind. Love a dog or cat instead. They know real love. Mine is teaching me a thing or two and he just turned nine years old and I don’t know what I would do without him. At this point, no man is worth me losing time with my dog. I’m 42. Love doesn’t exist. We’re fleshbags for these demons and lust is all they desire which is insatiable. You’d think they could at least be nice to us. But no. They want to blacken your soul. It’s no wonder all the good souls are popping out early. X

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