11 Days Sober

Two weeks ago, upon a week of mourning the 2 year anniversary of my mother’s death, I got my second DUI in 2 years.

That was a Thursday; Friday, I made the choice to wean myself off of what I thought would be an uncomfortable withdrawal, after 6 steady months of daily drinking to get drunk.

Sunday, I took my last, very strong, vodka press with a little bit of watermelon Red Bull.

Today, I am 11 days sober; my name is Danielle; And I keep telling the people at Alcoholics Anonymous, that I am an alcoholic.

But I’m not sure that I am.

But I’m not trying to test it.

I’m proud of my nearly two weeks of sobriety.

The fog has lifted; The “defects” have been in the light for quite sometime, but I have started managing them as priority.

I go to AA, 6 days a week, and enjoy the company.

But there are days I don’t think I belong there.

But I know my drinking had gotten out of hand, for many reasons.

Insert orphan status.

Insert lackadaisical 9 month “relationship” with my daily drinking partner.

Insert insecurities.

Insert daily routine: work; bar; pass out and forget about reality sleep.

So I was ready for a break, and I’m taking it.

I made the choice.

I feel good.

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