I am a 30-something, NPR listening, BBC watching, woman with three fur-babies and a plethora of dilemmas on my plate. In other words, I am a mess.


Dealing with an anxiety for the past 4 years has tampered with my lower middle-class ideologies as well as my temperament. I spent $100k getting a Master’s degree in English, which I refer to as my glorified hobby and currently spend $81/month, paying down the massive debt.


My life changed when I left my fiance of 7 years, in late April of 2017. My biggest dilemma then became: what about my kids? Leaving my fiance meant leaving my three step-children, all of whom had known me half their lives.


In August of 2017, depression impaled my reality for the first time since I was fourteen years old. It comes and goes, but mostly comes and stays. Bear with me and my fragmented reality.


In my undergraduate career, I received and degree in creative writing and loved every second of the experience. I have short stories galore and have also written and entire crown of sonnets at one point. I love writing. I love what it does to cleanse my soul.

So here I am, opening up to anyone who feels like taking a break from their drama to help me learn how to giggle about mine. Life is full of numbing, idiosyncratic contemplation and with this blog, I hope to grow and accept the hand I’ve been dealt.

So, thank you, for reading.

Photo Credit: Lora Zombie (Check out all her work here. The unicorn is definitely my spirit animal, I care not what anyone else thinks).

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